Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last Night

Apparently, some babies miss their mommies so much at day care that they are up all night nursing in an effort to get cuddle time.

Henry was up three times last night...compared to his usual once. Good news is that it feels good to know that he missed me (stroke my ego!). The bad news is that I'll be tired today at work. Totally worth it though to make him feel better about things though.


lindsey cheney said...

as hard as your day may be at work, being so tired and all, how precious now do those middle of the night feedings seem! i'm so glad to hear your first day back wasn't terrible!

Joy said...

once you've had sleep, it's so hard to go back and have lots of wakings. i love lindsey's outlook, though and before you know it, henry won't be getting up at all. i'm praying for you and this time of transition.

Lisa Leonard said...

hang in there! glad going back to work wasn't toooo bad. henry is so blessed to have such a sweet mommy. xoxo