Friday, September 14, 2007

I could never live in the South

While sipping my coffee this morning, I happened to look up at the ceiling fan in the living room and see a huge dragonfly perched on one of the fan blades. I was able to gently knock it down with a broom, to find it was half dead and flew around for a few seconds always seeming to come RIGHT AT ME. I screamed and jumped and shuddered like a schoolgirl, broom in hand. It was ridiculous. Finally, it came to rest on the carpet so I grabbed some paper towels and deposited it safely outside. It made me realize that if I was that spastic about a silly dragonfly, I would never make it in the South with it's giant flies, cockroaches and who knows what else. Dragonflies are BIG by the way.


Kristen Borland said...

first, i love that you first took the trouble to take pictures! second, i would have liked to hear you scream like a school girl. that's sounds pretty funny!

Lara said...

Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Jeannett, I do not like bugs. Especially big bugs. The south has really big bugs just like you said, as well as lots and lots of little tiny ones. I'll have to tell you my story sometime about frantically killing two cockroaches in the garage with a huge shovel!

The Fabys said...

My in-laws are from the south and the last time we visited, I was bitten by something that gave me 3 MASSIVELY SWOLLEN bite marks on my back thighs. It wasn't pleasant.