Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today is my last day home alone with Henry before I go back to work, so this will likely be my last post for a week or so. He's napping so I thought I would get this in before the whirlwind of working full time outside the home consumes me (I always have to include "outside the home", because stay at home moms work too!) .

I've always thought that Henry is the spitting image of Andy. In fact, I've quipped that God has a great sense of irony for making me be the one who gains weight, acquires lovely stretch marks (not many, thank goodness!), and is miserable for nine (okay, 8) months...only to have the kid look nothing like me! There are times I am blown away by how much they look alike. BUT, then I came across some of my baby pictures and I'm re-thinking the whole thing. You be the judge.

(The yellow spots are from the picture being old...I didn't have some weird form of jaundice!)

This is where I see the biggest resemblance. (And could that bedspread be any uglier?)

Wow, that's a unibrow! Thank God for tweezers and hot wax!

My first birthday. What's with all the olives?!

You can scroll down for Andy's baby pictures in the previous post. Anyway, I think that Henry definately has Andy's eyes. Not only the blue color, but the shape and the little creases underneath. Which is why I think everyone always thinks Henry looks just like him. After all, they are the biggest and most noticeable part of his face, and about the only thing you see when he's got the Paci in his mouth! (Andy's mom has a baby picture on her wall that really makes that obvious...but I don't have it or I'd post it.) There are other things that make Henry look like his dad, but you can't quite point them out...the way he furrows his brows, some of the faces he makes...but I think it turns out that Henry is actually a total mix of the two of us. About 50/50.

And, I just HAD to include this last picture, because this is the ONLY time you will ever see me in a leopard print bikini! I'm smoking hot here. I'm even accessorized! Shoot, even that little boy is checking me out!

Oh, and for the record, Jacquelyn's suggestion of a pillow to help with the height discrepancy of the excersaucer was a good one, but the pillow was too tall...The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll on the other hand is perfect! (I just love those legs! Even filled out, they're still so scrawny!)


Kate said...

oh my goodness, the pics of you two on the beds... wow you really do look alike! hope your first day of work is okay and not too stressful. will be praying for you.

Joy said...

you do like alike. isn't it fun to see who are kids look like? good luck at work tomorrow. what did you find for daycare? i'll be praying, too.

Joy said...

you do like alike. isn't it fun to see who are kids look like? good luck at work tomorrow. what did you find for daycare? i'll be praying, too.

lindsey cheney said...

wow! i always thought he looked more like andy until that pic of you on the very ugly bedspread! spitting image!

Jacquelyn said...

All my life everyone has said I look exactly like my mom except I have my dad's nose, eyes, smile, chin, etc. Crazy how that works. I can imagine God "knitting" Henry together in your womb using two different kinds of yarn. The complete effect is adorable!

Becky said...

I love the swimsuit shot:-) Isn't genetics amazing! I wonder what your other kids will look like?! Does Growth Group start this week? Hope to see you soon.