Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Clear Lake, CA

We're back! Okay, so I never got a chance to blog that we were even leaving town, but that would explain my lack of posting the last week. We drove up to Clearlake...Andy's aunt and uncle and three cousins had rented a house on the lake and we joined them for a few days. The house was so perfect with a small fenced yard for all FIVE dogs, a private dock and direct access to the lake water. We had an awesome time sea dooing, relaxing, pigging out and hanging out with family. I played more hours (yes, hours) of Super Mario Bros. 3 than I care to admit...but how often do you have a functioning original Nintendo System?! I can't believe how much of the game I remembered! Henry was spoiled rotten the whole time and held even during naps...which has made the last couple of days back hard on mommy. He won't go more than 10 minutes asleep before waking up screaming...unless of course I'm holding him. So, we're working on learning that sleeping is fun in our crib. Sigh...oh well, he had fun and so did SCooN and SCooT (Second Cousin Nelle and Second Cousin Tess).

The backyard and dock.

The boys fishing for bass. They caught quite a few!

Henry lounging.

SCooT and Henry.

This was Andy's idea of holding the baby...while playing Super Mario Bros.

Tuesday night we made the Cheney's dinner and got to meet little Silas! He is so perfect and cute, I just love him! And all that hair! It was great to get some time to hang out with this fun couple...we just wish we could do stuff like that more often!

Henry: 6 weeks; 8 lbs. 7 oz. Silas: 4 days; 8 lbs. 4 oz.

Esther Newman, Scarlett Jones & Gracie Collins will have to fight over these two!


Last night we went to a fancy schmancy Chamber of Commerce dinner. My boss received an award, so we dined on Prime Rib and Cheesecake while little Henry slept in his carrier the whole time! What a trooper!

Oh, and just a side note: I've read and am up to date on everyone's blog, but I didn't comment...I'd be here all day if I tried to catch just know that I was dying the whole time on vacation wanting to know how everyone was doing, if Lindsey had her baby, and sooo excited for the Hassons!


Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

I haven't seen Graham, Nelle or Tess since our graduation. They are SO old now! Oh my goodness! I remember babysitting them when they were so young!

Sounds like you had fun! Send my love to Aunt Peggy, Uncle Mark & the kids!!

Diana Fabricio said...

why does andy look like hes falling asleep, or intoxicated?looks funny